Truweld Light Duty Arc Stud Gun 19000

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  • Welds Studs up to 1/2"
  • Configured to operate with any brand welding equipment
  • Approx 4.2 lbs
  • Gun and cables only, does not include power supply

The TWE19000 light duty stud gun has a welding range from 1/8" through 1/2" diameter studs.  The gun comes with 7.5 ft if 2/O weld cable and 9 ft of control cable.

The TWE19000 has been designed to fit comfortably for all hands, including wearing a work glove.  The neck of the handle has been tapered so that when grasped, the trigger can be accessed easily, without any unnecessary strain.  The handle length allows for better balance of the stud gun and it keeps the welding cable and connector away from your hand, minimizing operator fatigue.

 The TWE19000 is approximately 8" long from the weld cable to the back cap, and approximately 7" long from the top of the stud gun to the bottom of the handle.  The overall weight of the stud gun is approximately 4.2 lbs excluding cables, connectors, legs and footpiece.

The TWE19000 can be ordered to operate with any brand welding equipment.  A technical representative will contact you after you place your order to discuss your the make and model of your welder and your welding application.

Call our stud welding experts at 1-800-426-5667 if you need assistance determining the CD gun that you need.