How to Set Up a Stud Gun for Welding Insulation Pins - AGM


This setup works for AGM stud welder guns.


 Items Needed for Welding Insulation Pins with AGM Stud Welder

STEP 1: Insert the AGM Collet Adaptor into the gun.  Tap with a rubber mallet to ensure a tight fit.

AGM CD Stud Gun with AGM Collet Adaptor

STEP 2: Insert "B" Collet of appropriate size into AGM Collet Protector. Tighten set screws. 

 AGM CD Stud Gun with Collet

STEP 3: Insert AGM Collet Protector over the "B" Collet.  Tighten set screws.

AGM CD Stud Gun with AGM Collet Adaptor B Collet and AGM Collet Protector

STEP 4: Place weld pin in the AGM collet protector to help with alignment.

AGM CD Gun for CD Stud Welding


STEP 5: Slide the foot piece assembly into holes in the face plate.  Adjust so the insulation pin sticks out past the foot 1/4" and tighten 2 screws to hold the foot in place.

 AGM CD Stud Welder Set Up for Welding Insulation Pins