How to Set Up a Stud Gun for Welding Aluminum Insulation Pins with Truweld Welder


This setup works for Truweld stud welder guns.


Stud Welding Accessories for Welding Insulation Pins Heavy Duty Method

STEP 1: Install hybrid collet in gun shaft and tighten set screws.  

Stud Welding Gun with Hybrid B Collet

STEP 2: Screw legs on to the CD Foot.  The 7" legs will work for insulation pins up to 6" in length.  The 12" legs will work for insulation pins up to 11".

CD Stud Welder Foot and Legs

STEP 3: Install the spark shield in the foot with the allen screw in the bottom of the foot.

CD Spark Shield in Stud Welder Gun Foot

STEP 4: Slide foot piece into face plate.  Adjust so that 3/16" of the pin is sticking out past the spark shield and tighten the set screws in the face plate.

 Gun Set Up for Insulation Pins - Heavy Duty

STEP 5: Adjust the spring tension by turning the rear cap clockwise to the #4 setting.

Truweld Aluminum Insulation Pin Setting