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OEM Part Numbers Lookup: Image

Use this table to identify the Hanlon part number that corresponds to the Images part you are looking to replace.  To easily search on the desktop type Ctrl + C for Windows and Cmd + C for Apple and type in your part number.  If you don't see what you need, give us a call at 800-426-5667.

Hanlon Part # Description Image Part#
AGCA Arc Gun Chuck Adaptor -1/2-20 033-505
AGCS Arc Gun Connector Stud - 1/2-20 033-506
ACR18100 Arc Chuck Rectangular 1/8 x 1 C121
ACR1814 Arc Chuck Rectangular 1/8 x 1/4 C1225
ACR1838 Arc Chuck Rectangular 1/8 x 3/8 C1237
ACR1858 Arc Chuck Rectangular 1/8 x 5/8 C1262
ACR1878 Arc Chuck Rectangular 1/8 x 7/8 C1287
AC190L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable #10 CL19
AC138L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable #6 (10 Gauge) CL13
AC164L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable #8 CL16
AC500L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable 1/2" (1/4" HCA) CL50
AC250L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable 1/4" CL25
AC750L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable 3/4" (3/8" HCA) CL75
AC375L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable 3/8" CL37
AC312L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable 5/16" CL31
AC625L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable 5/8" CL62
AC437L Arc Chuck Long (3-7/8") Adjustable 7/16" CL43
AC190 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable #10 C19
AC125 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable #5 (1/8") C12
AC138 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable #6 (10 Gauge) C13
AC164 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable #8 C16
AC680 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable .680 C68
AC100 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 1" C1
AC500 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 1/2" (1/4" HCA) C50
AC250 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 1/4" C25
AC10MM Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 10 mm CM10
AC105 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 12 Gauge C10
AC12MM Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 12mm CM12
AC2MM Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 2mm CM2
AC750 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 3/4" (3/8" HCA) C75
AC375 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 3/8" C37
AC3MM Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 3mm CM3
AC4MM Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 4mm CM4
AC312 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 5/16" C31
AC625 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 5/8" C62
AC5MM Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 5mm CM5
AC6MM Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 6mm CM6
AC437 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 7/16" C43
AC875 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 7/8" C87
AC8MM Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 8mm CM8
AC562 Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable 9/16" C56
BFLC Arc Foot - Bipod Large FTBPL20
BFLS Arc Foot - Bipod Large - Split FTBPLS20
BFMC Arc Foot - Bipod Medium FTBPM20
BFMS Arc Foot - Bipod Medium - Split FTBPMS20
BFSC Arc Foot - Bipod Small FTBPS20
BFSS Arc Foot - Bipod Small - Split FTBPSS20
AFLC Arc Foot Large FTL20
AFLS Arc Foot Large - Split FTLS20
AFMC Arc Foot Medium FTM20
AFMS Arc Foot Medium - Split FTMS20
AFSC Arc Foot Small FTS20
AFSS Arc Foot Small - Split FTSS20
AL516-14 Arc Gun Leg 14" X 5/16" Dia. L31-14
AL516-7 Arc Gun Leg 7" X 5/16" Dia. L31-7
AL516-9 Arc Gun Leg 9" X 5/16" Dia. L31-9
AL38-14 Arc Gun Leg 14" x 3/8" Dia. L37-14
AL38-18 Arc Gun Leg 18" x 3/8" Dia. L37-18
AL38-24 Arc Gun Leg 24" x 3/8" Dia. L37-24
AL38-27 Arc Gun Leg 27" x 3/8" Dia. L37-27
AL38-32 Arc Gun Leg 32" x 3/8" Dia. L37-32
AL38-36 Arc Gun Leg 36" x 3/8" Dia. L37-36
AL38-7 Arc Gun Leg 7" x 3/8" Dia. L37-7
AL38-9 Arc Gun Leg 9" x 3/8" Dia. L37-9
FFP100 Ferrule Footplate 1" FFP1
FFP500 Ferrule Footplate 1/2" FFP50
FFP250 Ferrule Footplate 1/4" FFP25
FFP750 Ferrule Footplate 3/4" FFP75
FFP375 Ferrule Footplate 3/8" FFP37
FFP312 Ferrule Footplate 5/16" FFP31
FFP625 Ferrule Footplate 5/8" FFP62
FFP875 Ferrule Footplate 7/8" FFP87
FG190 Ferrule Grip (1" Length) #10 (3/16") G19
FG100 Ferrule Grip (1" Length) 1" G1
FG250 Ferrule Grip (1" Length) 1/4" G25
FG750 Ferrule Grip (1" Length) 3/4" G75
FG375 Ferrule Grip (1" Length) 3/8" G37
FG312 Ferrule Grip (1" Length) 5/16" G31
FG625 Ferrule Grip (1" Length) 5/8" G62
FG437 Ferrule Grip (1" Length) 7/16" G43
FG875 Ferrule Grip (1" Length) 7/8" G87
FG500 Ferrule Grip (1" Length)1/2" G50
FG250-LS  Ferrule Grip Split Long (2" Long) 1/4" GLS25
FG750-LS  Ferrule Grip Split Long (2" Long) 3/4" GLS75
FG375-LS  Ferrule Grip Split Long (2" Long) 3/8" GLS37
FG312-LS  Ferrule Grip Split Long (2" Long) 5/16" GLS31
FG625-LS  Ferrule Grip Split Long (2" Long) 5/8" GLS62
FG437-LS  Ferrule Grip Split Long (2" Long) 7/16" GLS43
FG500-LS  Ferrule Grip Split Long (2" Long)1/2" GLS50
FG190-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length) #10 - 3/16" GS19
FG100-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length) 1" GS1
FG250-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length) 1/4" GS25
FG750-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length) 3/4" GS75
FG375-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length) 3/8" GS37
FG312-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length) 5/16" GS31
FG625-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length) 5/8" GS62
FG437-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length) 7/16" GS43
FG875-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length) 7/8" GS87
FG500-S Ferrule Grip Split (1" Length)1/2" GS50
HC100 Headed Chuck Assembly 1" (1.625 Dia. Head) - 6 Sided Base 1/2-20 thread CH1
HC500 Headed Chuck Assembly 1/2" (1.000 Dia. Head) Taper Base CH50
HC750 Headed Chuck Assembly 3/4" & 5/8" (1.250 Dia. Head) 6 Sided Base CH75 
HC375 Headed Chuck Assembly 3/8" (0.750 Dia. Head) Taper Base CH37 
HC875 Headed Chuck Assembly 7/8" (1.375 Dia. Head) - 6 Sided Base CH87
HC100T Headed Chuck Tine 1" CH1-1
HC500T Headed Chuck Tine 1/2" CH50-1
HC750T Headed Chuck Tine 3/4" & 5/8" CH75-1
HC375T Headed Chuck Tine 3/8" CH37-1
HC875T Headed Chuck Tine 7/8" CH87-1
FGHD500 Ferrule Grip Heavy Duty 1/2" (0.650 Dia.) GSC50
FGHD750 Ferrule Grip Heavy Duty 3/4" (1.060 Dia.) GSC75
FGHD625 Ferrule Grip Heavy Duty 5/8" (0.815 Dia.) GSC62
FGHD875 Ferrule Grip Heavy Duty7/8" (1.240 Dia.) GSC87
NS30/40-BMC NS-30/40 - Bipod - Medium Closed Foot GSC87
NS30/40-MC NS-30/40 - Medium Closed Foot FTM30
NS30/40-MS NS-30/40 - Medium Split Foot FTMS30
NS30/40-SC NS-30/40 - Small Closed Foot FTS30
NS30/40-SS NS-30/40 - Small Split Foot FTSS30
HDCCF HD High Temp Camlok Female 4/O CL4/AMB
HDCCM HD High Temp Camlok Male 4/O CCL4/AFB
LDCCF LD Female Camlok #4 & 1/O CCL1/0AMB
LDCCM LD Male Camlok #4 CCL1/0AFB
WTDFG750 Weld Thru Deck Ferrule Grip 3/4" (1.060 Dia.) WTD75
WTDFG875 Weld Thru Deck Ferrule Grip 7/8" (1.240 Dia.) GWTD87
WTDFA Weld Thru Deck Foot Assembly FOOT ASSY
UBS Universal "B" Stop  DSU
ADB-CI B-CI Adaptor(7/8" L) 044-082
ADB-N B-N Adaptor 039-468
ADN-B N-B Adaptor 044-083
ADN-CI N-CI Adaptor 044-084
CDL7 CD Gun Leg 7" L31-7B
AGMCP12 Collet Protector AGM - 12 Gauge CPA10
BC10 "B" Collet 10 Gauge CLJ13
BC12 "B" Collet 12 Gauge CLJ10
BC14 "B" Collet 14 Gauge CLJ8
MCC-ASM Magnetic Cuphead Chuck Assembly CACHPR
MCC-AGM Magnetic Cuphead Chuck Brass 1-Piece AGM Style CACHP 
NC190 Nelson Collet #10 CLN19
NC110 Nelson Collet #4 CLN10
NC135 Nelson Collet #6 (10 Gauge) CLN13
NC164 Nelson Collet #8 CLN16
NC250 Nelson Collet 1/4" CLN25
NC375 Nelson Collet 3/8" CLN37
NC3MM Nelson Collet 3mm CLNM3
NC4MM Nelson Collet 4mm CLNM4
NC321 Nelson Collet 5/16" CLN31
NC5MM Nelson Collet 5mm CLNM5
NC6MM Nelson Collet 6mm CLNM6
NC8MM Nelson Collet 8mm CLNM8
NS-1 Nelson Stop 1/8 - 5/8 DSN62
NS-3 Nelson Stop 1-1/4 - 1-5/8 DSN162
NS-4 Nelson Stop 1-3/4 to 2-1/8" DSN212
NS-2 Nelson Stop 3/4 - 1-1/8 DSN112
1525 Standard Spark Shield for Pins (5/32" Hole) SS
1524 Standard Spark Shield for Studs (29/64" Hole) SSB
BC190 "B" Collet  #10 (3/16") CLJ19
BC105 "B" Collet  #4 CLJ10
BC125 "B" Collet  #5 (1/8") CLJ12
BC138 "B" Collet  #6  CLJ13
BC164 "B" Collet  #8 CLJ16
BC3MM "B" Collet  3mm CLJM3
BC4MM "B" Collet  4mm CLJM4
BC5MM "B" Collet  5mm CLJM5
BC250 "B" Collet 1/4" CLJ25
BC375 "B" Collet 3/8" CLJ37
BC312 "B" Collet 5/16" CLJ31
BC6MM "B" Collet 6mm CLJM6
BC8MM "B" Collet 8mm CLJM8
CCHU-F Female Connector CHB2GAF
CCHU-P Female Receptacle Panel Mount CHB2GRF
CCHU-M Male Connector CHB2GAM
CCPHF Phoenix Control Connector Female CSS4AF
CCPHM Phoenix Control Connector Male CSS4AM
CCPHPM Phoenix Control Connector Panel Mount CSS4RF
CCRSF R & S Control Connector Female CRS4AF
CCRSM R & S Control Connector Male CRS4AM
CCPHM Phoenix Control Connector - Male - for Arc Cable Sets CSS4AM
CLPMF Camlok Female Panel Mount CCL1/ORFR
MDCCM MD Male Camlok 1/O CCL1/OAMB
FFP500S Single Leg Ferrule Footplate 1/2" SFFP50
FFP625S Single Leg Ferrule Footplate 5/8" SFFP62
FFP750S Single Leg Ferrule Footplate 3/4" SFFP75
FFP875S Single Leg Ferrule Footplate 7/8" SFFP87