Gun Extension Cable Set - 4/O Weld Cable For Nelson Stud Welders

Drawn Arc Gun Extension Cable Sets 4/O Weld Cable - 4 Wire with Dinse Weld Cable Connectors and Hubbel Control Cable Connectors

Compatible with Nelson Stud Welding units that have a 4/O gun weld cable. .

Available in 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft or 100 ft. Custom lengths available Please call us for more information. NO TAPE - We use a proprietary hand friendly cable ties.

Cable colors may vary. 100 ft cables need to be sent via LTL truck.

Free shipping.

Nelson Stud Welders include:

  • N1500i
  • Nelweld 4000
  • Nelweld 6000
  • Series 4900
  • Series 6500