How to Set Up a Stud Gun for Welding CD Studs with Collet Insert Truweld


This setup works for Truweld stud welder guns.


Parts needed to welding cd studs using a collet insert truweld

STEP 1:Place the Soyer to CI Adaptor inside the gun.  Tighten the shaft nut with a wrench.

CD Gun with Soyer to CI Adaptor

STEP 2:Place the Collet Insert into the Soyer to CI Adaptor.  Tighten the screws in the Soyer to CI Adaptor

CD Gun with Soyer to CI Adaptor and Collet Insert

STEP 3: Screw the legs into the foot.

CD Stud Welding Foot Piece


STEP 4: Slide the foot piece assembly (CD foot and 2 CD Legs) into holes in the face plate.  Line up the legs so the legs lines up with the face plate.  Adjust so the CD stud sticks out past the foot 3/16" (the plunge).  Tighten the set screws in the face plate.

 CD Stud Gun with Plunge Definition