How to Set Up a Stud Gun for Welding CD Studs (Heavy Duty)


This setup works for Truweld, Proweld, Midwest Fasteners, Erico, H.A. Jones, SWS stud welder guns.


CD Stud Gun Set Up for Studs Heavy Duty

STEP 1: Place the B to N Adaptor in the gun.  

CD Gun Adaptor B to N

STEP 2:Place the Arc Chuck in the B to N Adaptor.

CD Stud Gun with B to N Adaptor and Arc Chuck

STEP 3: Screw the CD Legs into the CD Foot.

CD Stud Welding Foot Piece

 STEP 4: Slide the foot piece assembly (CD foot and 2 CD Legs) into holes in the face plate.  Adjust so the CD stud sticks out past the foot 3/16" (the plunge).  Tighten the set  screws in the face plate.

 CD Stud Gun Set Up for Studs Showing Correct Plunge