How to Set Up a Stud Gun for Welding Steel Dog Coil Studs


This setup works for Truweld, Proweld, Midwest Fasteners, Image and Nelson NS20 stud welder heavy and medium duty guns.


Items Needed to Weld Steel Dog Coil Studs

STEP 1: Screw the Arc Gun Connector Stud into gun.  The shorter end of the stud is screwed into the gun.

Heavy Duty Arc Gun with Connector Stud

STEP 2: Slide the gun cable eyelet onto the Arc Gun Connector Stud.  Attach the 3/4" Headed Anchor Chuck into Arc Gun Connector Stud.  Use 2 crescent wrenches to hold the 3/4" Headed Anchor Chuck when tightening.  Make sure the eyelet stays centered or vertical when it is tightened so the eyelet won’t hang up on the legs later.

Arc Gun with Headed Chuck

STEP 3: Screw the 3/4" Weld Thru Deck Ferrule Grip onto the Weld Thru Deck Foot Assembly.  

Weld Thru Deck Foot Assembly with Weld Thru Deck Ferrule Grip

STEP 4: Screw the Arc Legs into the Weld Thru Deck Foot Assembly.  Leave the screws loose until you make your final plunge adjustment.   

Weld Thru Deck Foot Assembly and Arc Legs

STEP 5: Place a Steel Dog Coil Stud in the 3/4" Headed Anchor Chuck.

Arc Stud Gun with Headed Anchor Chuck and Steel Dog Coil Stud

STEP 6: Slide the foot assembly into the gun.  Make sure the flat side of the legs are towards the set screw on the gun.  Tighten the screws on the gun that hold the legs. 

 Heavy Duty Arc Stud Gun Set Up for Steel Dog Coil Studs

STEP 7: Adjust the Foot Assembly so that the stud is centered in the middle of the Weld Thru Deck Ferrule Grip.  Tighten the Arc Leg screws in the foot assembly.

Arc Stud Gun with Stud Centered in Weld Thru Deck Ferrule Grip

STEP 8: Put a vertical ferrule on the end of the stud so that the smooth area is pointing down and the wavy is pointing up.  Make the plunge adjustment of 3/8".  The plunge is the amount the stud that sticks out past the ferrule grip not including the flux ball. 

  • Loosen the leg screws in the gun.
  • Adjust the plunge.
  • Tighten the leg screws in the gun.

 Plunge Definition for Steel Dog Coil Stud