Stud Gun Set Up Using a Truweld Template Tube Adaptor

This set up is helpful for when you need a precise location for a weld.  The Template Tube Adaptor comes in 1" and 1-1/4" O.D.  Hanlon Stud Welding recommends the 1-1/4" O.D. as it will allow you to change collets without taking the template tube adaptor off the gun.  This method works with CD studs 1" and shorter.


This setup works for Truweld stud welder guns.


 Stud Welder Gun Set Up for Template Tube Adaptor

STEP 1:Remove standard face plate with 3 screws.

Truweld gun without face plate

STEP 2:Put Soyer/Euro collet into gun shaft.

CD Stud Welding Gun with Soyer/Euro Collet

STEP 3: Put the Template Tube Adaptor on the gun.

CD Stud Welding Gun with Template Tube Adapator

STEP 4:Turn the screw at the end of the Soyer/Euro Collet to adjust the length of the collet until 3/16" of the stud is sticking out.  Tighten the Soyer/Euro Collet with a tube wrench.  Tighten the template tube adaptor screws.

Stud Welding Soyer/Euro Collet

Template Tube Adaptor Plunge Definition