Our Story


Richard Hanlon PhotoThis is my father, Richard Hanlon, at one of his first jobs after college and serving in WWII--Graham Manufacturing Corporation.  Harry Graham invented the capacitor discharge stud welding system for pins in the 1940s and studs in the 1950s.  My dad serviced and sold the machines in Chicago.  After Omark bought Graham Manufacturing he decided to go out on his own and be a manufacturer's rep.  When he started Hanlon Equipment Company on April 11, 1960, he planned to be a manufacturer's rep for H.A. Jones.  Harry Jones started H.A. Jones and was a former Graham employee my dad knew that that started making insulation pins and washers. Along the years, he was a manufacturer's rep for many other lines of business but the stud welding business was his passion.  He learned early on that his competitors were selling stud welder accessories at excessive prices and he could sell a quality product at affordable prices which is what this site is dedicated to doing.

 Mark HanlonThis is a brochure I made when I was 5 years old while he was at work with my dad.  I loved going to work with my dad, it was always an adventure!  Little did I  know then that I would work at the company for over 30 years and am now the owner and President.    I worked along side my father for 14 years before he retired and I learned a lot of his values that are important to the business today:  Quality: We strive to sell the highest quality products and work with many suppliers to bring the best of the best to our customers. Service: It's just as important as sales.   Be Accessible: You will always have someone answer the phone at Hanlon Equipment.  You will not get a Press 1 for so and so and Press 2 for something else.  That drove my dad CRAZY!


Kim HanlonMy sister Kim started working here a couple years ago.  This website is one of her pet projects.  She is constantly tinkering and trying to make the site as easy for you to use as possible.  She knows you are busy and want to find what you are looking for quickly.  I really appreciate her making sure orders get out the out the door on time---most items same day.