Arc Chuck #8, #10 Stud Diameter

Drawn Arc Chuck Standard Adjustable - Metric Sizes

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The drawn arc chuck standard is the most widely used chuck suitable for use in drawn arc and capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding applications. Each arc chuck comes with an internal, adjustable depth stop.  These chucks have a #2 Morse taper which will fit a variety of stud guns.

Stud welder arc chucks are sometimes called stud welder tips or stud welder holders as they are inserted into the end of a stud welding gun to hold the stud before and during application.

The  stud welder drawn arc chucks are compatible with include most stud welder brands Including Truweld, Nelson, Proweld, Midwest Fasteners, Image, HBS and many more. 

12 Metric Sizes Available | Standard/Imperial Sizes Also Available

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Size Nelson  Proweld Truweld Image Midwest Fasteners Erico/KSM 
2mm 500001342 CN-002M CM2 015-510
3mm 500001135 CM3 102-0101-24
4mm 500001003 CN-004M CM4 102-0101-25 015-512
5mm 500001427 CM-018 CM5 102-0101-26
6mm 500001267 CN-006M CM6 102-0101-27
8mm 500001009 CN-008M CM8 102-0101-28
10 mm 500001269 CN-010M CM10 102-0101-29
12mm 500001206 CN-012M CM12 102-0101-30
14mm 500001391 CN-014M 102-0101-33