Bipod Foot Small Closed

Arc Foot - Bipod

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Use a bipod foot when you need to maintain perpendicularity of the stud and the work.

Generally, use a closed foot for stud lengths < 2".  For longer studs use a split (or open) foot and ferrule grip to ease loading of the stud into the gun.

For use with Proweld®, Truweld, Midwest Fasteners®, Image, Erico and Nelson® NS20 stud welding guns.

Small: Stud Size 1/8" - 1/2"

Medium: Stud Size 5/8" - 3/4"

Large: Stud Size 7/8" - 1"

Stud Welder Manufacturer Part Numbers: (Scroll to the Right for All)

Size Proweld/
Image Midwest Fasteners Erico/KSM 
Bipod Small - Closed BP-1N FTBPS20 102-0219-01 039-091
Bipod Small - Split BP-1C FTBPSS20 102-0219-06 039-095
Bipod Medium - Closed BP-2N FTBPM20 102-0219-02 039-093
Bipod Medium - Split BP-2C FTBPMS20 102-0219-07 039-097
Bipod Large - Closed BP-3N FTBPL20 102-0219-03
Bipod Large - Split BP-3C FTBPLS20 102-0219-08